Preserving Asset Value in Acquisitions

When you acquire a company in today’s market a significant part of the asset value is in the people. 

This is especially the case when the product is technology and always the case when it is software.  Your product is in their heads.  

The Hamer Group has many years experience in the personnel and organizational issues related to acquisitions.  We can assist by reviewing your plan, or developing one with you and then helping you implement it. 

The Case of the Disappearing Assets

In every technology based company for which we've been the assignees, much of the assets have been intangibles, goodwill, software, licenses, and such.  A great deal of the value of these assets depends on the people who designed, documented and maintained them.  

As in so many of these situations, once there are significant problems in the company, the word spreads quickly to headhunters and competitors who target the best of the technical talent.

As the company's position deteriorates and conditions become worse, productivity falls off markedly as employees become more preoccupied with the uncertainties of their own circumstances.

By  the time we intervene many of the key technical people have already interviewed with competitors, some probably have offers.  

In almost every case the threat to the company's assets presented by loss of technical people is exacerbated by the state of engineering and product documentation.  Even in the best run companies, engineering and production  documentation is always a struggle.  In a company fighting for its life this documentation nearly always takes a back seat. 

Finally there is always the risk of damage to products, customers, facilities from disaffected employees.

This presents  a significant problem to potential buyers because so much of the assets are in the technical people who design and develop the product and who will be needed to continue to develop and support it.

Whether or not we are involved in the Assignment, we have worked as consultants to management to ensure that these assets are preserved.  

It makes sense, both for management and for the affected employees.

Our services include a comprehensive and pro-active approach to ensuring that the buyer has the best chance of retaining the key people and that the acquisition happens with the least disruption and down time.

We will be pleased to review these services and how they can help.


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